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Lowongan QC Manager Fishery & Food Process, Bali

Lowongan QC Manager Fishery & Food Process, Bali di Bali Pro Employment Agency telah ditutup tanggal 27 Januari 2020

Lokasi Penempatan Denpasar
Pendidikan Minimum Sarjana/S1
Pengalaman Kerja 2-5 tahun
Rentang Gaji Rp 10 juta - Rp 15 juta
Tanggal Terbit 28 November 2019 s/d 27 Januari 2020
This December we have a new inquiry for positions of Quality Control Manager - Fishery & Food Process
for a PMA Fishery Company from NY US, located here in Pesanggaran Bali
This December we have a new inquiry for positions of Quality Control Manager - Fishery & Food Process
for a PMA Fishery Company from NY US, located here in Pesanggaran Bali

General Requirements
-Education: Relevant Bachelor Degree (Fisheries/Food Science)
-Experience in relevant areas: At least 5 years work experience in the Seafood or Food Processing.
-In-depth knowledge of quality control procedures and legal standards.
-Excellent communication and listening skills.
-Willing to be relocated & able to do Formal Traveling

Technical Abilities :
-Skills: Strong analytical skills, broad range of computer skills, ability to travel independently, ability to establish timelines and meet deadlines; skill in prioritizing workloads; ability to initiate, coordinate and move forward on planned activities.
-Management Skills: Decision making, collaboration, problem solving, meeting facilitation, strong critical, conceptual and analytical thinking, strong leadership and an ability to manage staff.
-Time Management and Self Discipline

Personality Requirements :
-Strong leadership
-Strong Sense of Ethics

Responsibility :
-Setting the requirements for raw materials from suppliers and monitoring their compliance.
-Improve the manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality goods.
-Gaining an understanding of the client's needs and requirements and communicating them and the quality standards to the production teams.
-Devising, improving, and reviewing new specifications and procedures for products or processes, and training staff to use them.
-Ensuring legal obligations are followed and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and with health and safety guidelines.
-Overseeing product development procedures to identify any deviations from quality standards.
-Inspecting the final output, comparing it to the requirements, and approving or rejecting the final products.
-Gaining feedback from the clients, attending meetings, submitting reports, and assisting external auditors and inspectors.
-Maintenance or improvement of profitability by minimizing customer complaints about quality, and hence to avoid the resulting lost business.
-Keeping accurate documentation and performing statistical analysis.
-Supervising inspectors, technicians, and other staff members and providing guidance to the staff members.

Salary Range: Rp 12,000,000 to Rp 14,000,000

Remuneration :
-Basic Salary
-BPJS Kesehatan
-BPJS National Security
-Health Insurance

Others :
-PPh 21

closing date at end of December 2019
starting date anytime along December - january 2019

-Resume in English Format, instead of Bahasa
-Scan of Photo, Documents , ijasah or references letter
-all resume will be confidential to keep in our database

Best Regards,
Yudi & Associates / Bali Pro Services
Independent Recruiter Bali
Jalan Mertasari 20 Banjar Pengubengan Kangin Padang Sambian - Badung
08155733218 Phone/SMS/WA
IG : yudiassociates

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